Dumb laws

dumb laws Some weird ways to get arrested if you get drunk in alaska, you've got to leave the bar getty images we've all heard urban legends and rumors about absurd laws in america, but you can't believe everything you read on the internet.

Browse and discuss the largest collection of dumb laws, strange laws, and stupid laws of the united states, england, australia, florida, california, texas and other places. You won't believe the crazy laws in the united states, canada, and around the world we have dumb laws in california, new york, florida. Did you know it's against the law in arizona to have sexual relations with a rodeo clown in an elevator on tuesdays no that's probably because that dumb law, like nearly every dumb law you've ever heard about arizona, is complete horse shit. 301 moved permanently server. These laws were actually on arkansas books at one point in time - believe it or not, you could get arrested for some of these off-the-wall things. Here's our fabulous collection of strange laws that can date back very far most of these laws remain in the books today, even if rarely enforced. Welcome to our dumb laws sectionthe material found in this section is courtesy of wwwdumblawscom where you can find hundreds of additional dumb laws these dumb laws have been taken from newsgroups, websites, city.

In america and abroad many laws exist within state and national constitutions that are many times outdated, circumstantial, or just plain ridiculous. The latest tweets from stupid laws (@stupid_laws) all the stupid laws, dumb laws, old laws, & outdated laws that you can handle in the law books. Here's a list of dumb state laws and funny laws in america dumb laws in virginia, dumb laws in ohio, dumb laws in texas. Talk:dumb laws this is the talk page for discussing improvements to the dumb laws article this is not a forum for general discussion of the article's subject.

2theadvocate has a list of weird laws in louisiana every state has funny laws created in the past these are some of the uniques laws created in louisiana. Weird laws crazy laws in the united states strange legistlation the craziest laws that still exist in the united states conversations about. Here's a list of united states stupid laws, stupid state laws, dumb laws of america, stupid canadian laws, weird state laws, 101 stupid state laws, stupid missouri laws, funny state laws. Laws are made to function a seemingly healthy community in a stable and disciplined fashion however, when some of those laws become increasingly absurd, that you giggle your way through even reading them, one wonders what the law makers were thinking while coming up with such classical dumbness.

Louisiana is home to some plain stupid, silly, funny, entertaining and dumb laws that you may not have heard of let’s have a look at them. So, here is our list of the top 10 dumbest california laws dumb law #10 in chico, ca, it's against the law to bowl on the sidewalk #funnylawfriday click to tweet.

Thousands of web sites list “dumb laws” or “stupid laws” for cities and states around the us, including minnesota we’ve spent time researching some of the weirder minnesota laws mentioned and have found that for the most part they are fictitious. Dumb laws, also called weird laws, strange laws, futile laws, or unnecessary laws, are laws that are perceived to be useless, humorous or obsolete, ie no longer applicable (in regard to current culture or modern law.

Dumb laws

From weird and wacky to downright crazy, these strange canadian laws will have you wondering what your elected officials were thinking. You think your parents had stupid rules check out the dumbest laws in pa, nj and del. From laws regarding giraffes and fishing to restrictions on underwater whistling we count 50 dumb laws in 50 american states 1 shutterstock|patpitchaya.

  • Dumb laws (list) alabama: • anniston: you may not wear blue jeans down noble street • bear wrestling matches are prohibited • dominoes may not be played on.
  • Some time ago we talked about a photo series that ironically portrayed people breaking 8 bizarre us laws since many of you appreciated that post quite a lot, we decided to go deeper about the ridiculous us laws that are still in effect today.
  • You’ve seen the e-mail forwards and website links providing lists of hilariously offbeat dumb laws from across the united states, laws like “in new orleans, you may not tie an alligator to a fire hydrant.
  • 16 weird canadian laws that you might be breaking it is illegal to challenge someone to a duel.
  • Some weird ways to get arrested tech here are the most ridiculous laws in every state we've all heard urban legends and rumors about absurd laws in america.

Dumb laws and humor, relating to specific states and regions of the united states these dumb laws include humor about every state from alabama to wyoming. Dumb, crazy or stupid laws around the world this is a labor of love as there are few people lawyers prefer teasing more than politicians granted. We've got good news we're not the only nation in the world to ban the most ridiculous, and the most innocuous of things there are many countries in the world with extremely stupid laws. Here are some of the crazy and silly laws on the books setting a default intent standard for all federal criminal laws and regulations currently lacking mens rea. Law weird laws in florida dumb laws as reported on websites and in humor books have been shown to be inaccurate this sometimes happens because a real. Stupid laws from the state of north carolina read about the dumb laws from the state of north carolina.

dumb laws Some weird ways to get arrested if you get drunk in alaska, you've got to leave the bar getty images we've all heard urban legends and rumors about absurd laws in america, but you can't believe everything you read on the internet.
Dumb laws
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